Personal statement

The shapes and lines created by the rhythms, the pulse of the landscape, the minerals and plants organisms that creates landscape, the architecture that takes place in it, are the themes of my work. By shaping the remains of an elsewhere, by re-visiting, reclaim traditional practices, the confrontation between actions and their time is highlighted.
As through the prisms of the Earth’s electromagnetism, tides or currents, invisible bonds and cycles that weave people and things are revealed piecemeal. Water is the thread, metabolic component sounding man with the landscape. It embodies the movement of ideas, knowledge, exchanges; multiplies the points of view.His incessant movements links to my wandering, and reflects a quest of oneself.
«Like water , the world passes through you and for a time lends you his colors. Then retire , and replace you in front of the void that we carry within us , in front of this kind of central failure of the soul that we must learn to mingle, to fight, and that is paradoxically perhaps our safer engine. » (Nicolas Bouvier)
This quest is crystallized in the form of an island, as a landscape sample, both isolated and connected by water. Shooting favorite human utopias, the island is also a metaphor for the indi- vidual. «The island is the origin, but the second origin. From this island, evrything starts again. The island is a marine mountain, the mountain, a yet dry island. This is the first creation taken in a re-creation.» (Gilles Deleuze) This sensitive approach to the world gives rise to poetic pieces through drawings and installations, making up a mental, multicultural and imaginal landscape.